All Nippon Airways Mileage Club

    All Nippon Airways, also more commonly known as ANA or “Zennikku” (in Japan), is Japan’s largest airline. It started out as Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane Transport Co. founded on December 27, 1952, where it later offered helicopter services. In December of 1957 it changed its name to All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd, and in March 1958 it merged with Far Eastern Airlines. ANA joined the Star Alliance group in October 1999, and on March 29, 2013, Skytrax designated ANA as a 5-Star Airline. ANA constantly receives praises as one of the world’s best airlines, along with the world’s best airport services, best cabin cleanliness, and Asia’s best airlines staff.

    By joining ANA’s Mileage Club, frequent flyers can earn Miles which can be used for ANA domestic and international flights, flights on partner airlines, ANA international Upgrades, Star Alliances Upgrades, and other rewards: extra baggage allowance, hotel gift cards, ANA value vouchers. ANA value vouchers converts Miles you’ve accumulated to their exact equivalent in Japanese Yen (i.e. 10,000 miles = 10,000 yen). Value vouchers offer flexibility for redemption options. Vouchers can be redeemed for flight tickets, hotel stays and meals, in-flight shopping, airport shop products, airport duty-free products, and other products and services at partner companies. ANA system for accumulating points is very simple. Miles are accrued by multiplying basic sector mileage with the accrual rate for the booking class. Premium bookings can earn more miles while discount bookings earn less. For ANA card members residing in Japan, there is an additional Family Miles program that allows family members to combine miles to redeem awards. The principal member can even allow a family member to the second degree to redeem awards in their place. As one of the best airlines in the world, their rewards programs are also top-notch
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