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    Korean Air is South Korea’s premiere airline that was founded in the year 1946 in Seoul as Korean National Airlines. It was fully privatized in 1969 and now functions as the largest airport in South Korea. Originally hosting flights with Boeing 707s for domestic and East Asia destinations; it’s since updated its repertoire of Aircrafts for their international pacific routes. In modern times it has expanded to multiple subsidiaries such as Jin-Air, to provide more aerial transportation services with even further convenience. It’s known for having a prestige class where your seats can recline to a near full 180 degrees to provide the comforting feel of a bed during your long flights.

    To take full advantage of flying with Korean Air; one should opt to become a Skypass member which racks up points for every flight booked and miles traveled which can then be converted into points for your next flight, or to redeem prizes with Korean Air’s partner stores. It provides exclusive offers for its members. The flexibility of redeeming your miles with Korean Air can stretch up to as far as hotel access, car rentals, and the various credit card service rewards from your current credit card provider. You may sign up online before booking your flight and get a physical membership card which you can present to Korean Air’s partner establishments. Once you’ve earned enough travel miles or points from partner locations, you are eligible to upgrade your membership to the Morning Calm club which gives you priority booking, an allowance of additional baggage, priority baggage handling, and access to the prestige class lounge. Once you’ve accumulated 500,000 miles, you will be eligible for the Morning Calm Premium Club which benefits you with exclusive first class booking and further upgrades to the regular Morning Calm Club rewards.
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