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Singapore Airlines is known as one of the largest airline service providers in all of Asia. Based at the Singapore Changi Airport, it’s in the top 15 carriers worldwide based on the amount of passenger traffic it receives every year. As a previous British Colony, Singapore Airlines was established by the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool in corporation with Malaysia’s Malayan Airways Limited hoisting only a few large passenger aircrafts. When the federation of Malaysia was formed in 1963; their fleet was expanded further with the commercial Boeing 747s, further updating in the year 2000 with their signature commercial Airbuses. Their food and hospitality are often noted by passengers.

To take full advantage of Asia’s most popular Airline, KrisFlyer was created. It acts as a frequent flyer program designed to reward those struck with wanderlust, or people travelling often for business. You may collect points through booking and flying with Singapore Airlines or making purchases from their partner companies. You can redeem your points to climb higher up the membership tiers which are categorized as: KrisFlyer, KrisFlyer Elite Silver, and KrisFlyer Elite Gold. The more you fly, the closer you get to upgrading to the next tier list. You can exchange your miles for award tickets to your next destination, mix your points with cash to obtain a discount for your booking, use your miles to pay for your hotel stays, or convert it to KrisPoints which you can use to purchase products in over 450 stores. Earning 25,000 miles can bring you up to Silver Tier where you gain access to 25% more bonus miles earned per flight and priority treatment in your flights. Earn 50,000 miles and you’ll be bumped up into the Gold Tier where you gain all benefits from the silver plus access to all premium lounges, additional baggage allowance, and priority check-ins; boarding; and baggage handling.
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