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    Hong Kong. Soon after, the company started operating passenger flights from Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, and Shanghai. The business grew rapidly in the 1960s and expanded international services to Japan. Cathay Pacific Asia is a 5-star airline according to Skytrax. Cathay Pacific has a reputation for good value for money and nice in-flight entertainment. It is one of the nicer airlines in the Asia-Pacific region. 
    In addition, Cathay Pacific Asia sometimes gives special deals on flights and corporate travel solutions. Above all, Cathay Pacific Asia has multiple advantages. For example, it has partnerships with many airlines in the Asia region.
    Cathay Pacific uses Asia Miles rewards program which offers many rewards choices to match travellers’ lifestyles. It is Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle program with many company partners. Asia miles can be accumulated by flying with Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, or one of their over 25 Asia Miles partners. In other words, there are 600+ partners including hotels, restaurants, and credit cards. With over 600 partners in 9 categories, accumulating Asia Miles becomes very simple.
    You can choose from many rewards including roundtrip flights, hotel stays, car rentals, gourmet dining, electronics, tickets to exclusive events, and limited-edition products. You can even choose to donate your Asia Miles to charitable causes. Multiple choices in airline travel, retail shopping, dining choices, travel and leisure products, and professional connections, makes Asia Miles one of the most sought-after and flexible rewards programs. Some establishments even provide discounts to holders of Asia Miles cards. The Asia Miles website makes it simple to browse through your choices of rewards. In conclusion, regardless of where you live, Asia Miles seems to have something for everybody.


    How much does it cost to buy Cathay Pacific Asia miles?

    When you buy Cathay Pacific Airways miles you can normally find them on sale for between 1 cent – 2 cents each mile.

    Where is the cheapest place to buy Asia miles?

    MilesXpress is an online website that allows you to quickly and conveniently buy Cathay Pacific Asia Miles for the cheapest prices on the internet! Plus, you can sell miles you have if you do not plan to use them.

    Which airlines use Asia miles?

    Cathay Pacific started Asia miles as a loyalty reward program and over the years has partnered with over 20 other airlines from around the world including:

    British Airways
    Japan Airlines
    Qatar Airways
    And many more

    Do Cathay Pacific Asia miles expire?

    If you do not redeem your Asia miles within 18 months they can expire, But there are many available flights across Asia, Europe, and the world that they can be used on.

    Is there a way to stop Cathay Pacific Asia miles from expiring?

    If your loyalty program account shows activity within the 18 month period, the expiration date on all remaining miles will be extended an additional 18 months for your convenience.

    Can I use my Cathay Pacific Asia miles for an upgrade?

    Cathay Pacific allows you to use your Asia miles for an upgrade to Premium Economy Class and if there is no Premium Economy Class on your flight you can upgrade to Business Class.

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