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    United Airlines was founded by aviation pioneer William Boeing who is known most notably for his Boeing Airplane Company that has designed our commercial aircrafts for a generation. Originally used as a carrier service, in 1933 it quickly expanded into a transportation system that brought Americans around the country on a Boeing 247 without having to switch planes to a connecting flight in one of the landing states. Once World War II was taken to allied front, United Airlines was used as an airbase with their aircrafts redesigned as bombers to help with the war effort. Post-war United Airlines progressed heavily with technology with their cabins and large commercial planes which continued to grow along with the 21st century and is now known as one of the largest and most reliable Airlines in the world.

    The MileagePlus program was created to reward the loyal flyers of United Airlines. It was designed to accumulate points per flight or through purchases in any partner company. Miles may be redeemed in forms of various products or services provided. These rewards can stretch from free flights, upgrades in your seating class, to free lodging in prestigious hotels; a reward for your continuing patronage to their Airline. After accumulating 25,000 miles or a collective 30 flight segments, a flyer can be eligible to upgrade into the Elite class of MileagePlus. Separated by 4 tiers namely the Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, 1K; which you can be upgraded to the more times you fly with United Airlines. Silver is eligible for discounts, priority services, 25% bonus flight points, and complimentary upgrades; Gold includes all rewards of the Silver tier plus 25% more bonus flight points, and the privilege or preferred seating; Platinum benefits from all of the previous tier rewards plus the bonus of having 0 service charge, free same-day flight changes, regional class upgrades, and another 25% bonus to the already 50% bonus flight points. Lastly the Premier 1K which has all the benefits of the Gold class with another 25% flight points adding up to a 100% bonus, and system-wide class upgrades only for the most loyal consistent flyers.
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