Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

    The Virgin group is one the largest international conglomerates with over 400 different business and services located all around the world. They also own one of the primary travel providers in the United Kingdom: Virgin Atlantic. The company was originally founded by Richard Branson and Nik Powell when they had set up their first record store in the year 1970 and calling themselves Virgins to the business; it has then expanded into many different business ventures which they share ownership to; including the Virgin brand airlines Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America. Virgin Atlantic first opened its doors in 1984 hosting a wide variety of large passenger quantity aircrafts and first generation airbuses.

    The Virgin Flying Club is the prestigious frequent flyer membership group you can sign up for to maximize your satisfaction while flying with Virgin brand airlines through its numerous rewards with all of its partner locations. Categorized into three membership tiers: Red, Silver, and Gold; as soon as you sign up you are eligible to redeem your points in the Red section of benefits which namely provides an almost 10% discount to your holiday travel destination, the ability to choose your economy seat, and access to members only offers. In time you’ll find yourself upgraded to the silver tier of rewards which allows you to earn an extra 50% base flown miles for every flight you take with Virgin Atlantic and any of their partner airlines, all this along with the previous rewards of the red tier, upgraded with premium check-ins and priority booking. Lastly, the top tier Gold membership grants you access to all areas and premium lounges, 100% more bonus base flown miles for every flight you take with Virgin Atlantic and partner airlines, exclusive invitations to clubhouses, and complimentary 10% on any of the subsequent treatments, and everything available in the red and silver tier of membership benefits. Fly in style with Virgin.
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