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Earn More Etihad Guest Miles With These Traveler Secrets

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Ethiad Miles - Top 5 Secrets

Typical traveler on Etihad airlines


Here Are Our Top Tips for Earning Etihad Miles

1.) Buy Etihad miles

Whether it's through Etihad or brokers like us, buying Etihad guest miles that seasoned travelers know how to make the most of. Instead of flying or buying things to earn miles, buying directly can be more cost-efficient and the sale can go through fast just in time for your next trip.

UAE at night

2.) Sell Etihad miles

Did you travel on Etihad, but usually travel on other airlines? You can find a place to sell your miles. A hot tip is to find a place to sell where you can also buy miles that you want. For example, many travelers on other Middle Eastern airlines find it beneficial to sell us Etihad miles and buy Emirates miles. Check on the availability of buying and selling options.

3.) Etihad for Business, Family & Charity

This is a special program that offers prizes in addition to regular miles benefits. You can use the points or choose to donate them to charitable causes. Contact Etihad in order to see if you're eligible for this program that gives Etihad travelers for business even more choice and benefits.

Family traveling on vacation using miles

4.) Etihad has one of the best shopping programs to earn points in the United Arab Emirates

Flyers can earn miles at partner companies throughout Emirates and around the world. For the most up-to-date options see their site on rewards.

5.) Guest tiers matter

Just like other airlines, tier programs can offer a variety of benefits. Etihad offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Tiers are earned by miles and can also be earned using purchased miles. For some travelers who travel less frequently, simply purchasing the miles needed to increase tier offers so many benefits it's worth the cost of miles even if they don't travel as much. For those who travel frequently, upgrading tiers offer a range of benefits to make travel faster, smoother, and more luxurious.

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Final Tip on Etihad Miles

Looking to buy or sell miles in order to reach your Etihad miles goals? Contact us for a free quote. Looking to sell your Etihad miles? Get in touch. We both buy and sell miles in order to offer our clients a seamless experience in both purchasing and selling miles. We also guarantee satisfaction. Read more on our Etihad miles page.

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