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Get More Cathay Pacific Asia Miles For Your Money

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Top 5 Secrets to earning Asia miles

Hong Kong in the Day - Asia Miles is Based in Hong Kong

Here are our top tips for earning Asia Miles:

1.) Buy Asia Miles

It seems simple, but there are many choices to consider when you buy miles. You can buy miles from a broker, direct from the company, or earn them by buying other items deliberately. The best way to buy miles is with a broker and the most competitive rates. Before you buy Asia miles, you can get quotes and compare the offers. Buying an item in order to get a miles reward is often the worst choice! Savvy travelers buy only what they really need when earning points.

Hong Kong at night

2.) Sell Asia Miles

Are you flying Asia, but don’t need the miles? Selling your miles is a great way to benefit from extra miles you have that might be expiring or that you don’t need. You can sell miles that are on their way to expire, then repurchase them when you need them. Selling miles is a part of many Cathay Pacific Asia miles travelers.

3.) Earn Asia Miles all over Asia

Cathay Pacific has a reputation for being able to earn miles easier for travelers who travel on shorter flights throughout Asia. For example, many smaller airlines partner with Cathay Pacific so those travelers planning to do smaller trips around Asia can benefit from Asia miles by choosing smaller carriers that can help earn Asia miles. There are 25+ Asia partners!

You can earn Asia miles in a hotel like this one

4.) Earn Asia Miles with purchases

One of the easier companies to earn miles, Cathay Pacific’s Asia miles has 600+ partners in 9 travel categories, from cars to hotels, dining, electronics, special products, and more. In order to earn the most miles, it’s quite simple as the product range for Asia Miles is one of the largest of all rewards programs.

5.) Additional discounts

Did you know that in addition to earning points, some establishments offer Asia Miles cardholders discounts? This is one of the more unique features of this club that has been tailored to consumers looking for amazing deals. Some of the discounts can be super attractive so look for the Asia Miles card sign when you’re shopping.

Asia miles with Pacific woman with lanterns

Need to earn more miles fast? The best solution is to purchase miles. Our service helps you buy Asia miles after getting a price quote and making sure you get the best value. Contact us for more information.

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