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Is it worth buying cathay pacific asia miles?

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New to Asia Miles or considering if you should buy this new program from Cathay Pacific? Don’t worry; we will carefully walk you through everything you need to know about the Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles program. At the end, you will see why you must buy frequent flier miles program like the Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. So let’s get started!

Surely by now, you must have traveled with Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific is one of the leading airlines in the global market. With roots in Hong Kong, this airline carrier has a strong web across many countries and continents, serving more than 180 destinations and over 30 countries. As far as cargo traffic is concerned, the Cathay Pacific hub is one of the busiest.


Along with its subsidiary Dragon-air, Cathay Pacific carrier is one of the Oneworld alliance’s founding members. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), this carrier is one of the world’s largest carriers when market capitalization is considered. Its services cut across different routes of the world, thanks to its alliances and associations.

This carrier has always been among the first choices of travelers. Given its fame for providing best-in-class services at an economic cost, right timings, top-notch in-flight amenities, and the latest safety standards, it comes as no surprise why many people are already buying Asia miles and signing up for Marco polo, all part of its loyalty and reward programs.

The Marco Polo Club

The Marco Polo Club is the loyalty program that Cathay Pacific offers its teeming passengers. Members of this program earn Club Points when they fly with Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, or Oneworld partners.

This program has four tiers, namely Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. To join the Marco Polo Club, you have to pay a membership subscription of $100. The lowest tier is the Green. But with buying more flier miles, you can get promoted to other levels. After 12 months, your membership status renewal will cost you 20 club points or pay a $100 renewal fee.

Asia Miles

Asia Miles is the frequent flyer program offered by Cathay Pacific that you can buy to redeem miles. Asia Miles is a reward program that allows members to earn miles for travel. By buying Asia Miles, members earn elite status and easily redeem flights for award flights. You can buy more miles by booking tickets with Dragon-air and any of the Oneworld member carriers with the airline itself.

When you buy Asia Miles, you can redeem your flights on Oneworld flights, alongside other partners, including American Airlines, British Airways, Air China, Air Canada, Swiss, and lots more. The Asia Miles program is opened to all at no cost. However, by buying more miles, you get to enjoy all the benefits of this program. Asia Miles is only valid for three years, starting from the month the miles are credited. This program also permits you to extend your miles by renewing your miles in blocks of 2,000 Asia Miles per 2,000-mile block.

Why Should You Buy Asia Miles?

The Cathay Pacific Asia Miles program offers one of the best ways you can use to book premium Oneworld flights. Of all the reward and loyalty programs offered by different carriers, buying the Asia Miles makes a great difference. Asia Miles remains the champion reward program for all travelers worldwide, looking to earn and redeem frequent flyer points for Oneworld flights and its partners. This program has always represented great value to travelers. When you compare what you can get from buying Asia Miles, you will quickly realize that it is worth buying compared to other Oneworld frequent flyer programs. If you usually travel with business and first-class on Cathay Pacific and other Oneworld and partner airlines, buying Asia Miles is ideal.

For Cathay Pacific’s flights, buying frequent flyer miles gets you more award space. Aside from the better value it presents than others, earning and redeeming flights is much easier with Asia Miles. With the right credit card, your chances of earning more miles will be on a high. Just imagine increasing your miles while you spend on the things that will make you happy. You can also use your mileage currency to book for short trips anywhere in the world, traveling in either a business or first class, all at excellent prices.

The around the world flight redemption clause is the most delightful aspect of this program. Any savvy traveler doesn’t need to be told that buying the Asia miles is a great alternative to any other frequent flyer program. If anyone ever confronts you with the question of buying Asia Miles, reply to the person with a bold YES!

The benefits of buying Asia miles is best summarized as follows;

  • Gives the option of flying in comfort and style as you get an elite treatment
  • You get to enjoy fine dining and spacious flat-bed seats
  • Free access to exclusive lounges and clubs
  • Travel in Business or First Class at the lowest possible price (more like the price for a coach)

How To Earn Miles

Asia Miles can be earned in many ways; here are the four most common:

  • By flying Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, or its partner airline flights
  • When you stay at hotels, spend on car rental
  • When you shop through Asia Miles partner
  • When you spend with the credit cards

Earn Miles by Flying on Cathay Pacific

Generally, you earn in several ways when you fly with Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, or any Oneworld partner. The four factors that can influence the number of miles you earn by flying with Cathay Pacific or any of its partners include; airline, cabin, fare class, and distance traveled.

When you buy frequent flier miles and fly with Cathay Pacific, it becomes way easier for you to earn miles. The fare class you’re booked in, together with the cabin (premium cabins), and your flight duration is what will earn you more miles.

By Flying On Partner Airlines

When you fly with any of the Cathay Pacific partners, you earn miles based on distance flown and fare class.

At Hotels

Having partnered with different hotels across continents, Cathay Pacific has made it even more undemanding than ever to earn loads of extra Asia Miles. So whenever you buy Asia Miles, rest assured that you can easily earn miles.

You earn hotel points that you can convert to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. However, always ensure that check out each hotel’s rate before you book them. Also, ensure that the transfer ratio makes sense for your specific redemption.

Car Rental

Asia Miles has also formed a strong partnership with several car rental companies around the world. Even with some of the big names in the auto rental industry. Renting a car with any of the Cathay Pacific transport partners can earn you lots of bonus miles.


Besides partnering with hotels and auto rental companies, Cathay Pacific also partners with many online and offline retailers.

Credit Cards

Leveraging on credit cards is another great way to earn Cathay Pacific miles. Using Cathay Pacific Airways Visa® from Synchrony Bank earns you Asia Miles instantly. With other cards like American Express Cards, Capital One Cards, and Marriott Bonvoy Credit Cards, you can transfer your points to your Asia Miles account.

Special Offers

Cathay Pacific, its travel partners, and non-travel partners offer many special deals to earn you extra Asia Miles. One of such exciting program is the Cathay Pacific Holidays. More of the offers are available on the Cathay Pacific special offers page. You also get to know how many Asia Miles you can earn when you book a personalized package.

Ways To Use Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

When you buy Cathay Pacific miles and earn more miles, using your miles is the most exciting phase. Here are ways to redeem your frequent flyer miles.

Attach A Stopover To Award Tickets

The opportunity of being able to add a stopover to most award tickets is of great value. Of course, Asia Miles is one of the few programs that allow this. A great advantage of buying Asia Miles.

For Upgrades

With Asia Miles, you can upgrade any paid cash tickets with your miles. This is only possible with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights.

Book A Companion Ticket

The ‘Companion Ticket’ scheme, offered by Asia Miles, allows you to use your miles for an extra business or first-class ticket after you’ve purchased one for cash.

You can also use your miles to;

  • Pay for premium seats.
  • Pay for baggage
  • Pay for car rentals and hotel

Bottom Line

Due to its excellent options for redeeming miles, buying Cathay Pacific Asia Miles could be one of the best decisions you will have to make this year. There’s never a better time to buy Asia Miles than now!

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